29 May 2013

Quick Foundry Celt

unvarnished Celt for the LAF.

edit- Below are some pictures of natural dyes, can't remember exactly where I got them so if they're yours thanks ;-)


  1. I have a sweatshirt very much like that... lovely work! Simon

  2. Thank you so much for this. I'm painting a mother, her three children and a dog. I don't see many civilians painted up and I didn't just want to replicate what is done on the website. Now I have some choices.

    Anne O'Leary

  3. Saved those natural dye pics for reference. They're kind of my colour palette anyway but it's still good to see the variety and have examples of a few extra shades that I'd not thought of using before.

    By the way, add the followers gadget. ;-)