12 November 2012

Romans & 40mm Graven Images

Warlord's Roman Auxiliary

Graven Images WWW2

S&S 40mm FIW British Grenadiers, The First McCaroons regt.

GI zeds

14 October 2012

Fred Dibnah's Iroqui & zombie fest.

Zombies are 40mm from HLBS, the Iroquois are Sash & Saber 40mm (amazing value for money) and Miss Scarlet & Mr Fred Dibnah are O gauge figures- which fit really well with 40mm. A few more zombie types and I can field The Village People.

17 July 2012

Ainsty Castings

Ainsty Catings had their stock stolen from their van. This included their display models. Paleskin and Ackula from Frothers asked for volunteers to help paint some display figs.
These are mine.

08 July 2012

High Elf Infantry for Impetus

High Elf Infantry for Impetus Fantasy.
GW figs, some with head swaps.
Painted to an army standard.
As usual I'll be using sabot bases.