27 July 2010

Minden Hungarian Infantry

30man battalion of Minden Hungarian infantry.
The battalion is very non-specific as I wanted the 'feel' of a Hungarian regt rather than an exact copy.
My games will be taking place with both real and made up countries so the 'feel' is more important than how many buttons regt 'x' had in 1765.
No flags as yet as I can't decide on exactly how I want them to look, GMB are in the running though.
I've gone for 5 men on a 60x20mm base and 6 bases to a battalion.
The bases are metal from Precision Wargames Supplies and rather ace they are too.
I haven't decided on rules but I know I do want to be able to manoeuvre my battalion;-)

March Order

Attack Column

Battalion in Line

Battalion Square

25 July 2010

VSF wip & basing

The close-up shows two different whites, the left figure has been highlighted with Vallejo White, while the the right figure was highlighted with Winsor & Newtons Griffin Alkyd Titanium White, (an oil paint that is dry in 24 hours)

Below is a wip of my VSF Captain Nemo's Navy. Mainly Copplestone and Brigade figures.

And here are the Minden figs all based and ready to go.

23 July 2010

The First Post

A new Blog, because there aren't enough already;-)

Currently working on some VSF and some SYW.
Here's some WIP of the fantatstically sculpted Minden SYW.