30 June 2012


Warlord Games plastic Celts.

First Old School Regt Finished

The first regiment of my 'Classic' SYW/FIW is finished.
I had a blast painting them, more fun than should be allowed.
Paints used were 95% Humbrol Gloss, only the Yellow, Flesh and metal are acrylic. To get a good depth of colour I underpainted the figure in bright acrylics first.
I absolutely love them and I'm pretty much decided that all my FIW/SYW will be painted in the same way.
The armies will be Minden (cos they're just amazing sculpts by Richard Ansell) but I've a feeling that all my characters and single based figures will be Redoubt.

17 June 2012

Classic Look

Test piece of some Minden figs, painted in traditional Humbrol gloss toy soldier style.