05 December 2011

The 95th in 28mm........

Having decided to most of the scenarios in Complete Fondler for Sharpes Practice I realised I would need about 30 Riflemen.
I wanted Perry's as I love them, but wanted a few more to flesh out the force.
I bought Eagle, Foundry, Front Rank, Offensive and Perry Bros. Other firms were considerd but dismissed as either not viable or not fitting in with the Perry 'Look', Alban for instance are gorgeous looking but don't mix at all with Perry.

The photo's show a perry plastic at each end for reference.

So what's what?

Foundry go quite well with Perry, but are too short in the leg- raising them up on their base will cure this. Foundry has limited poses though.
Eagle just aren't good enough quality.
Front Rank are larger the Perry and have ridiculously short rifles. Some of the figures will be usable. There is enough of a range to just use Front Rank, good casts and nice figures in their own right.
Offensive don't fit with any of the above, closer to Alban in heft, they also have stupidly short arms.
Perry Bros- slightly larger than their plastics range, with some added Foundry, Front Rank and Perry Plastic the unit should look indvidual enough.

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