24 November 2010

Command & Colours Republican Roman Army 1

The Republican Roman Army for C&C based on 60x40mm stands.

A DBA Polybian Roman Army II/33 made from elements of the above force.

Roamn Cavalry and Generals, all figures are by Aventine Miniatures.


  1. A beautiful army! You did a great job! What does the blue or purple marker on the front edge of the elements mean?
    der Figurenschieber

  2. the different colours denote the type of unit, Purple is a General/commander, Blue is medium infantry/cavalry, green is for light units and red is for heavy units.

  3. Ha! It's very interesting to see how you had them based. I see why you have the extra command figures, now. I'm really looking forward to basing the rest up...

    Cheers, Simon